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Usually not a fan of body paints, but this is fucking dope!



Stoned Dogs [via]

Previously: Grinning Dogs, Derpy Dogs

Pass the dog. I mean the joint. Ooooh… try and get the dog to pass the joint!



Ugh Andy.

Take note guys.


Celebrities without Noses


The shelves were always full, but not many were buying. It s been slowly changing, but what I saw today left me deeply worried. The canned beans were almost gone from the shelves. The aisle was crowded with people eying over the beans, hesitating, and then grabbing cans to put into their nearly empty cart. Same thing with the dried beans. One younger lady looked so lost, staring and staring at the cans and bags, that I asked her if she was a fan of beans ice breaker . She wasn t. Had not much idea what to do with them. But money was so tight and the costs of all staples and gas and utilities had left them with $20 to spend for food for the week. I told her, We can do this. I can show you what to buy and give you some ideas on how to make it. Very simple and you ll enjoy your meals. And that s what I did. Dried beans, split peas, lentils went into her bag. Bullion cubes. Don t judge Garlic bulbs. Rice. A few cans of vegetables. Potatoes and that was it. She had some staples like salt and oil at home so that was good. While I was talking to her, showing her what to buy and writing down a few recipes on the back of a scrap of paper I had in my pocket, I noticed others listening in. As soon as she was on her way, they were asking me if I could help them, too. I looked at 3 ladies and 1 guy, standing there, looking ashamed. Fucking ashamed. And I was very, very angry. Yeah, this is how it is, now. A very old lady that was looking at the dried peas turned around and said she d help the guy if I would help the women. So that s what we did.
I'll give you a nickle to tickle my pickle with the tip of a sickle as I love the prickle, so please don't stickle for the blood must trickle before I get fickle ~Brom

Is that a poem? I love poems. 

I’ll gladly accept your nickle for a pickle tickle.